Looking at an Apartment or Condo?  Remember these four tips!

Renting your first apartment, or purchasing your first condo, can be a daunting task. With so many things to worry about and keep track of the experience can seem overwhelming.  Click here to visit our listing of available Apartments and Apartment Condos.  To help you select a good apartment here are 4 things to remember:

1) Don’t go alone

Especially if you are inexperienced at apartment hunting it helps to bring a friend or relative along who has purchased their own place before. Hire a REALTOR® that has experience in buying and selling condos and the intricacies that go with it.

2) Talk to your potential neighbours if you can

If you are seriously considering an apartment or condo try and talk to some of your potential neighbours when viewing the property. Introduce yourself and explain why you are there, then ask them general questions about the building. Is the place in good repair? Do they have any complaints about their neighbours?  What is the social scene like?

3) Go over the paperwork carefully

Your REALTOR will go over all of the details of your offer with you before you sign it.  You will often have a condition of a condominium document review, which will allow the seller some time to obtain all of the documents related to the unit.  You will then be able to examine the documents, and send them for a professional review if you choose.  Some of the bylaws of the Condominium corporation will effect you directly. Can you have pets? What if you have, or decide you want to have, children. Will they be welcome in the building? 

4) Research the neighbourhood

Make sure the neighbourhood is safe, and that you can easily access the services you need. How far away is the grocery store? If you have children, how far away is the nearest school? You should also check the crime rate in your neighbourhood. The Calgary Police Service offers an up to date Crime Map of the city, which shows how many of each crime occurred in each neighbourhood in the last year.

Purchasing your first condo, will be less stressful if you follow these tips. If something ever doesn’t feel right you shouldn’t risk it. The last thing you want to is get stuck with an unit that is not right for you. 


The Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is one of Calgary’s most iconic buildings, gracing the skyline since it opened in 1968 and offers breathtaking views of the city. The observation deck, located 191 meters above ground, offers a 360 degree view of the entire city. The observation deck also boasts a glass floor, giving you a bird’s eye view of the downtown core.

Feeling hungry? The Calgary tower is home to two spectacular restaurants. Enjoy stunning city views and delectable dishes at the Sky 360 restaurant, located 155 meters above the ground and offers rotating views. The entire restaurant makes one full rotation every 45 minutes during lunch and every 60 minutes during dinner. Ruth’s Steak House, located on the second floor of the tower, offers wonderful meals and cosy hospitality.

General admission (ages 13 to 64) is $18, with seniors (65+) and children (4-12) enjoying lower admission rates ($16 for seniors, $9 for children). All children aged 3 and under are free. From September to June the Calgary Tower is open from 9am to 9pm, and for July and August it is open from 9am to 10pm. Parking is available nearby in the Tower Centre Parkade and the Tower is also easily accessed via several downtown C Train stations.

The Calgary Tower Gift Shop offers a wide selection of Calgary and Canada themed memorabilia, collectables and apparel. You are sure to find the perfect gift or keepsake to help you commemorate your visit.

The Calgary Tower also features a stunning LED light show, which runs every morning from 5am to sunrise and every evening from sunset to midnight. The lighting system is capable of both static and dynamic displays, and is offers a unique way for Calgarians to celebrate national holidays (such as Remembrance Day and Canada Day), cheer for local sports teams, support local festivals and raise awareness of important causes. This unique lighting system supplements the Tower’s gas powered flame, allowing for the city to reduce the amount of natural gas needed and helping create a greener city. The new lighting system is also 60% more efficient than the previous lighting system, reducing the city’s energy consumption. 

Photo: "Calgary Tower" by ahisgett is licensed with CC BY 2.0.